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Nutrigenomics- The Most Advanced Test Unlocking Body's Full Health Potential

Nutrigenomics- The Most Advanced Test Unlocking Body's Full Health Potential

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Nutrigenomics is a cutting-edge scientific method that investigates the relationship between an individual's genetic makeup and their response to nutrients and dietary components. It combines principles from nutrition, genetics, and genomics to understand how genetic variations influence the body's response to specific foods and nutrients. 

Our team of expert's craft personalized nutrition plans tailored to each individual's genetic profile, empowering them to make informed choices for optimal health. Whether it's preventing chronic diseases, enhancing athletic performance, or simply promoting overall well-being, our nutrigenomic solutions are designed to help individuals unlock their genetic potential and thrive. With a commitment to science, innovation, and personalized care, we are leading the way towards a healthier future, one genome at a time.

✔ Personalized Recommendations
Predictive Health
Empowers Preventive Health
Enables Precision Wellness

One or more of following Test Areas to choose from:

  • Diet Genomics- Helps Avail Maximum
    Health Benefits from the Food you Eat
  • Fit Genomics- Helps Unlock Your Fitness Potential
  • Weight Genomics- DNA holds Answers to your 
    Weight Gain or Loss.
  • Cardiac Genomics- Helps to Know Your Cardiac Risks
  • PCOS Genomics- Provides tool to Reduce Symptoms and prevent PCOS complications


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You May Want to Know!

What is inside the kit box?

- Saliva collection container

- Detailed sample collection instructions

- Test requisition form

Why Sailva based testing?

Saliva is often preferred for genetic testing as it’s a non-invasive procedure. It’s easy to collect and painless, especially if you don’t like needles. Saliva can also be collected anywhere, even in your own home. Saliva samples are more stable than blood samples during transport and can be shipped at room temperature.

Who should get the test(s) done ?

Anyone interested in optimizing their health and lifestyle. Folks who are looking to step up their sports performance or general fitness can obtain genetic insights and derive benefits through the test(s).

What is your USP?

We are the only company conducting the test in-house at a state of the art facility in India through our partner brand. Rest others are sending samples outside India. Hence, our turnaround time is much faster and pricing more economic.